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Environmental Site Remediation

Omega Environmental Services

Concerns about environmental issues - meeting environmental obligations in a rapidly changing regulatory and business world - are causing industry to focus on practical solutions and remedies. The ultimate concern is how to deal with environmental issues in a responsible, timely, and cost effective manner.
Omega engineering and environmental consultants specialize in helping industry deal with environmental issues. Omega and our partner company A2D work for industrial and government clients with direct environmental responsibilities.

Site Investigation/Remediation Services

Omega environmental consultants are experienced in site investigation; design, construction management, and operation of soil and groundwater remediation; and hydro-geological investigations.

Our combined experience in site investigation & Remediation includes:

· CERCLA/SARA & RCRA site investigations & remediation
· Soil & groundwater remediation
· CPM preparation
· Remediation value engineering
· Contracts administration
· On-site project management
· Monitoring well network design and monitoring

Environmental Management Services

The environmental regulatory field is complex and changing quickly, while industry finds itself in a business environment where staff sizes are static or reduced.

Omega’s consultants provide regulatory review, environmental facility audits, short courses and seminars, and project support. Our clients use Omega as an extension of their own environmental staffs.

Our experience in environmental management includes:
· Mergers & acquisition support
· Environmental policy development
· Corporate environmental program support
· Short courses & training
· Environmental Audits and Assessments
· Compliance Monitoring

Environmental Plan Development Services

Federal and state authorities have implemented numerous regulations that require the preparation and implementation of plans relative to protecting the environment. Due to the number and complexity of these regulations, how to comply with them can be difficult and confusing. Omega environmental consultants have assisted industry with the development and implementation of these plans since our inception in 1980. In addition, we have assisted in training programs for EPA, state and local personnel in the inspection procedures of these plans. We have developed Integrated Contingency Plans where appropriate to address multiple needs.

· Facility Response Plan (EPA and Coast Guard)
· Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan
· Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
· RCRA Facility Contingency Plan
· Best Management Practices Plan
· Strong Oil Contingency Plan
· NPDES Slug Discharge Plan
· Solid Waste Management Plan
· Total Organic Management Plan
· Integrated Contingency Plans (many of our clients have chosen to consolidate selected plans)

Omega Environmental Remediation Products and Solutions

B210 - Grease Trap Treatment

With the development of the T Mac Pumper by Tom McReynolds the commercial treatment of grease traps became a reality. The T Mac and B210 (O-Zyme) enzyme has been successfully use in a number of restaurants in Alabama. The uniqueness of B210 for use in the treatment of grease traps is it works in a wide range of system pH. B210 is a multi-enzyme capable of digesting fats, oils and grease in a restaurant grease trap. A biochemical reaction between the enzyme and the grease or oil produces a chemical change in the oil or grease and they are no longer fats, oils or grease. The uniqueness of the T Mac Pumper and its mini computer enables the enzyme to be used in a very large water usage range. This will enable the distributor to ‘sell’ the system and enzymes to small mom pop operations as well as larger restaurants and restaurant chains.


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