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Pipeline Construction

Application of Omega Paving’s PaveZYME (PZ-22X) Soil
Stabilization Agent in Pipeline Construction

PAVEZYME (PZ-22X)© is a non-bacterial concentrated multi-enzymatic formulation that hardens existing dirt, gravel and decayed or damaged asphalt road materials, providing one of the most cost-effective methods to build or rebuild roads, dams, levees, reinforce trenches, protect underground utilities; protect the environment and prevent future damage from erosion and floods.

Installation of pipeline systems over terrain can be impacted adversely by weather and impose undesirable environmental impacts and present engineering and maintenance challenges to the cost effectiveness of construction and operation of these systems. Effective soil stabilization techniques applied at the initiation of construction and throughout can result in efficient all-weather production schedules, increased safety and reduce wear on men and equipment.

In approaching pipeline construction, Omega Paving recommends use of PaveZYME (PZ-22X)© an organic enzyme soil stabilization agent that can provide: * Immediate all-weather access and construction roads by producing an all-weather wear surface from a conventional dirt road without the need or expense of asphalt paving Control dust Stabilize slopes and trench walls Stabilize and seal footings and stanchions Eliminate plasticity in mobile clay soils Encase underground pipe in a protective, penetration resistant cemetitous soil seal Protect water sources, wildlife and vegetation from spills due to containment properties of enzyme soils stabilization.

The creation of covalent bonding of the clay particles of PaveZYME (PZ-22X)© treated soil increases compaction and cohesion of all materials into a cemetitous mass that is impermeable to water infiltration and will contain spills and wastes such as in containment ponds, or to protect against leaks that could be damaging to nearby water sources, wildlife, humans and vegetation. Application of PaveZYME (PZ-22X)© is based on the clay, organic content and moisture level of the soil. A typical application of 1 gallon of enzyme to 500 gallons of water is used to stabilize road bed and wear surface at a rate of 16 gallons of enzyme per mile.

Excavated soil treated with PAVE-ZYME PZ-22X© demonstrates the cohesive state of formation attained when such soil bases are treated, compacted and cured using PAVE-ZYME PZ-22X©.


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