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Category 5 Hurricane Proof Buildings

ThermaSAVE Structural Insulated Panel Building System

OMEGA advocates the use of ThermaSAVE structural insulated panel technology as a sustainable approach to reconstruction due to the affordability, strength, energy savings and flexibility of designs from affordable single-family, multi-family and commercial buildings (up to four stories), churches, schools, municipal facilities and more.

A ThermaSAVE house can be framed without skilled labor in a third of the time needed to put up a traditional “stick-built” house without the need of trained craftsmen.

1. Can withstand Category 5 Hurricane Winds of 200 mph
2. Has survived 7+ Richter scale earthquake testing
3. Provides 75% greater energy envelope and reduces energy use 50% to 70%,
4. Is constructed without the use of wood
5. Resists the effects of flooding Will not support mold,
6. Is termite-proof, fire-proof, and mold-proof
7. Provides extreme high indoor air quality
8. Can last a century or more with minimal maintenance

Structural insulated panels, or SIPs, are a building technology that has been in commercial use for over 20 years, but until recent improvements by ThermaSAVE, SIPs has been the method of choice for only a small percentage of builders and savvy homeowners.

ThermaSAVE, the Superior SIPs
ThermaSAVE SIPs have now has met the building code requirements for certification by the International Code Council (ICC) and has been presented by the US Department of Energy at the international G-8 Conference,

and most recently, the United Nations as a US standard for energy efficiency, and a technology that has the greatest energy savings, structural integrity and least environmental impact of any other construction material.

The material consists of 4-inch (or greater) “sandwiches” of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) and fiber cement board which makes the panels extremely light weight but incredibly strong and resistant to fire and flood. The material has passed 20 minute fire testing by the Federation of American Scientists, and when built using metal roof supports is impervious to termite and water damage.

ThermaSAVE panels provide a complete structural system – to build flood proof foundations or basement walls below grade, load-bearing walls to four stories, floors spanning 16' and roof panels with spans up to 24'. Panels can be produced as large as 4'X42'. The thickness of the cement board skins and foam (thickness and density) is dictated by the structural requirements of the building. Where cement board is used, panels are fastened together with power-driven screws.

The system is environmentally desirable for a number of reasons: with cement board skins, it eliminates the use of wood resources, the expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam does not contain unstable gases and the blowing agent used in producing it is pentane, which is free of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

Developers and consumers have the option of employing panels for flooring, or erecting the walls and roof on a concrete slab. The basic components of the house go up in three days, or less. Finishing work can be kept to a minimum as both the exterior and interior wall surfaces of the panels are ready to paint – because of the fire rating of fiber-cement board, there is no need to sheetrock the interior walls. Also, windows, doors and electrical chases are already cut into the panels making these installations part of an assembly process requiring little or no carpentry on site.

ThermaSAVE homes and buildings will provide a 75% greater energy envelope than conventional stick houses, and have been tested to resist 7+ Richter earthquake forces and Category Five Hurricane winds of 200 mph. Omega can produce a hurricane proof, standard 1,456 sq. ft. home for $60.00 sq. ft. that will appraise for $86.00 sq. ft. providing a low-moderate homebuyer with instant equity and save the homeowner 50-75% of their current energy costs from now on.

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